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PCA9555PWBread plate specific power supply module compatible 5V3 .3 VMB-102 power plate double road 5V/3 .3 blackPL2303 USB to serial module blue KEYES 1.8inch LCD screen module ST7735 driven TFT color screen 128*160 compatible with arduinoMini Mini body induction module HC-SR505 human body induction Mini human body induction switch
Keyboard module 4X4 matrix keyboard 16 keys MCU learning board development board expand keyboard 4Bottom plate | FZ 103 hc-05 / 06 / 07 Bluetooth module serial port communication bottom plateRed board L298N motor drive plate module stepping motor DC motor smart car robot 6XL6009 DC-DC boost module power module output adjustable ultra LM2577 4A current 48CCMAC 2000W import thyristor high power electronic voltage regulator, dimming, speed regulation, temperature regulation
Digital mini power amplifier module PAM8403 board small speaker module 2x3W fan 27 boardTaiwan probe HC-SR501 human body infrared induction module human induction module contains lensDC-DC boost module 2A boost board input voltage 2-24V rise 5/9/12/-28V adjustable 2577 NEW2A boost board DC-DC boost module wide pressure input 2/24V lift 5/9/12/28V adjustable 257Mini Mini USB interface TP4056 1A lithium battery charging board charging module
ISD1820 voice recording module, voice module, recording and playing module board, microphone head and 0.5W speaker.HC-SR04 ultrasonic module, ultrasonic ranging module, ranging module, ultrasonic sensor FZ-74USB to serial port / downloader / module CH340 ISP download module USB to TTL support WIN751 MCU small system board / STC89C52 development board STC small system board / development boardESP-07 ESP8266 serial WIFI industry milestone (new version)
CH340G brush board module USB to TTL STC MCU download line 9 brush machineIntelligent car robot diffuse reflection obstacle avoidance sensor module infrared pair tube module photoelectric switchPL2303HX module STC MCU download line USB to TTL programmer 9 upgradeSerial module RS232 to TTL module with transceiver indicator 232 turn level modulePWM DC motor governor 6V12V24V28V3A speed regulation switch DC motor controller
Display module MAX7219 dot matrix module control module SCM module feed line.Module TDA2030A power amplifier module audio amplifier module power amplifier module power amplifier boardNote that the 2 way relay module with optical coupler and optical coupling protection relay expansion board 5VModule DS1302 real time clock module CR2032 power down travel yellow version new28BYJ-48-12V 12V 4 phase 5 wire stepper motor new stepping motor / decelerating motor
28BYJ-48-5V 5V stepper motor 4 phase 5 wire stepper motor new stepping motor / decelerating motorStepping motor drive plate (five wire four phase) driving plate (ULN2003) test plateIR human body infrared thermometer MLX90615 non-contact thermometer module serial output data directlyThe 2.4G WIFI module uses IPEX to turn the SMA external antenna adapter and the SMA male antenna.One way transformation of new TTP223 touch button module self locking dynamic capacitive switch
STC full range single chip microcomputer automatic programmer / cold start download /USB turn TTL full isolation typeDC-DC adjustable step-down module LM2596S-ADJ IN3.2-46V OUT1.25-35V 80Stainless steel waterproof DS18b20 temperature probe temperature sensor 18B20 temperature detectorMain slave bluetooth module wireless bluetooth serial port transmission module communication HC-06.CCMHCN dc motor controller PWM dc motor regulator PLC 6V12V36V60V90V15A.
The CCM2NJ PWM dc motor governor has a stepless variable speed, and the pulse width motor speed is 12-40V.CCMHC dc motor governor pump PWM stepless speed control switch is efficient 12V-40V10A.CCM6C dc motor governor pump 6V12V24V30V PWM speed adjustable switch power.CCM mini mini PWM dc motor governor 6V12V24V general 3A small plastic housing.CCM5NJ PWM dc motor governor stepless speed control switch 12V24V36V60V10A reverse protection.
The ESP8266 serial port WIFI industry milestone esp-12f wireless WIFI module enhanced version.ESP8266 serial port WIFI wireless module WIF transceiver wireless module esp-01.2.4G 4DB module antenna IPX IPEX WIFI module antenna omni-directional high gain built-in antenna.T58 ~1100 m remote NRF24L01+PA+LNA wireless module, send antenna.Hlk-rm04 embedded WIFI transposed wireless transparent transmission module single chip microcomputer uart serial port WIFI.
Master-slave machine integrated bluetooth module Wireless bluetooth serial passthrough module communication HC - 05Speaker for micro:bit, Music PlayerGamepad module for micro:bit, Joystick and ButtonsEdge Breakout for micro:bit, I/O ExpansionScrew Shield V2 Terminal Expansion Boards for Arduino?
KEYES Extension Board Module for Screw Shield V3?KEYES Expansion Board for Arduino Proto Shield UNO R3?L293D Motor Control Shield Motor Drive Expansion Board for Arduino?Wireless Control V03 Shield Module for Arduino?ARDUINO L293 1 a dual Motor driven Motor shields (ARDUINO compatible
Arduino GPS shield GPS record Shield GPS Module SD card slot +aerialKeyes Multi-purpose Shield V1Compatible with Arduino 4-channel relay module Relay control board and shieldKEYES Balance Car Shield Compatible with ARDUINOSIM900 GSM module GPRS Shield Arduino expansion board wireless module, giving the extension cord
Arduino Nano Expansion Board NANO IO ShieldKEYES PS2 JOYSTICK SHIELD V2.0 Rocker Expansion BoardSuper-mini Digital Amplifier Board/ Small Amplifier Board/ USB Power Supply/High-power 3W Double TrackSensor Shield V5.0 electronic building blocks robot accessories for ArduinoBase Shield Sensor I/O Expansion Board/Arduino Micro-controller Expansion Module
Arduino multi-function extension board based learning suite MCU development boardArduino MEGA Sensor Expansion Board V1.1(containing Xbee wireless data transmission bluetooth serial SD interface)Stud Prototype Expansion BoardKEYES Bluetooh Bee Extension Board4WD DC Power Supply Motor Driver Module
MEGA ProtoShield V3 Prototype Expansion Board w/ BreadboardMEGA Sensor Shield V1.0 dedicated sensor expansion boardNano 328P IO Arduino Sensor Wireless Expansion Panel Module - RedARDUINO NANO Expansion BoardL298 Module L298N Dual Bridge DC stepper Controller Control Motor Driver module Board
LCD1602character LCD input / output expansion board LCD Keypad ShieldNew ARDUINO Makey Makey Touch key USB SHIELD Analog Touch KeypadArduino USB Host Shield Compatible with Google Android ADK and Support UNO REDUSB Host Shield Expansion Board Google Android Compatible for ArduinoFR4 Bluetooth Sensor Expansion Board Module - Red + Blue + Black
DIY Funduino Joystick Shield V1 Expansion BoardEthernet W5100 R3 Shield Network Board Supports MEGAArduino ethernet w5100Arduino digital lego special sensor extension board V8Sensor Shield V4 digital analog module Sensor extension board V4.0 Sensor Shield
Arduino Proto Shield expansion board with MINI breadboardProtoShield prototype expansion board with mini bread board based ARDUINOkeyes ULN2003 Stepper Driver (with soldering pad-hole)keyes RFID-RC522 Radio Frequency Module(with soldering pad-hole)keyes Rotary Encoder Module (with soldering pad-hole)
keyes 5 V Single Relay Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes 7-color LED Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes DIP RGB LED Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes SMD RGB LED Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes Bi-color LED Module (with soldering pad-hole)
keyes 3W LED Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes Passive Buzzer Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes Active Buzzer Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes Pirhana LED White Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes Pirhana LED Yellow Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)
keyes Pirhana LED Blue Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes Pirhana LED Green Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes Pirhana LED Red Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes DIP Straw Hat White LED Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes DIP Straw Hat Yellow LED Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)
keyes DIP Straw Hat Blue LED Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes DIP Straw Hat Green LED Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)keyes DIP Straw Hat Red LED Light Module (with soldering pad-hole)
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